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FREE For Families In The Warburton Valley - 6 Top Activities


8 Sep. 2021

Getting out and about doesn’t need to be expensive. The Warburton Valley has so many things to do that are free for families – and fun.

We are blessed with many natural assets in the Warburton Valley that are easy to access and free of charge.

Here are our top 6 free activities

  1. Walk in the trees at the Rainforest Gallery – the elevated walk is a seriously memorable occasion that your family will talk about forever
  2. Discover the magical pathways among the Redwood Forest – take a picnic, make a nest
  3. Take a bike ride along with the Warburton to Lilydale Trail. Stop for ice cream in one of the towns along the way. Bring your bikes (or hire from Cog Bike Hire for a small fee)
  4. Take a swim in the Yarra River, hours of fun whether you’re paddling on the edge, feeding the ducks (peas are better for them than bread, please), swimming or taking your lilo down the ‘rapids’. Have a picnic too!
  5. Walk to a waterfall – La La Falls is a beautiful walk along the forest track to the falls. What wildlife will you spot along the way?
  6. Climb a mountain – Mt Donna Buang has many walking tracks from the easy to the challenging. Don’t forget to collect your free mountain fresh spring water at the 10 Mile Carpark!

Nature is the best antidote to a world of ‘too much screentime’ or ‘too much to do’.

Children are genuinely tree in the Warburton Valley – free to explore, stretch their legs, and enjoy quality time out with their families.

*Check with Parks Victoria to make sure sites are open.

Plan your stay, visit for a day or a week – explore the world and find yourself... in nature.

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