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Cycle tours with a leisurely sense of adventure

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15 Apr. 2021

We love cycling with a ‘leisurely sense of adventure’. I think that’s the best way to describe a Vine Tour. Our tours are laid back and full of opportunities for rest stops in picturesque locations. There’s so much beautiful scenery in the Yarra Valley and a bike is a great way to take in so much of what you might miss if you were driving. We make many stops so people can capture that awesome (instagrammable) photo.

Most of our Vine Tours focus on a section of the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail. Depending on what people want to experience, we can go for a few hours to a whole day. We can visit wineries of your choosing for lunch and tastings, and if they can’t readily be reached on a bike then we take our shuttle bus between cycling sections. We build a day’s activities based on what you want to do and supply all you need – guided tour, bikes, helmets, water bottles everything.

We love people and regularly have corporate groups that find the ride experience a bonding activity, with many laughs along the way. And equally Vine Tours has taken couples out on rides, mother and daughters, women’s groups – we’re ready to ride for any group of any age, of up to 20 people.

I first became passionate about cycle touring when I took my family on a 5-day cycle tour in Vietnam. We went up the Mekong, along river tracks, through villages and rubber plantations, and stayed with local families. It was so much fun and such a great way to see the sights and meet people. Alison has cycle toured in France, Los Angeles and New Zealand, so our passion for cycling tours really comes from our own experiences.

When people join us on a Vine Tour they will often say how relieved they are to be out of the city. We notice how much cycling in nature has a calming effect on people. It’s more than fresh air and sunshine. It’s about seeing new things and not being rushed.

I love showing people the section of the Rail Trail between Mt Evelyn and Launching Place – one minute you are riding through vineyards, the next bushland, and then there are rich open river flats with orchards and cows peering over the fence. We’ll ride 20 kilometres without even realising it. The rewards are many: wine, cheese, chocolate, a delicious pizza – but also the simple satisfaction of getting out there and riding somewhere new.

Libbie and Alison of Vine Tours