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Hatted restaurants of the Yarra Valley

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8 Sep. 2021

The Yarra Valley ‘Hatted’ restaurant is a dining experience that is the ultimate in gastronomic delight. A pure extravagance, a culinary exploration, a finely crafted experience of taste, texture and tenacity.

The Hatted restaurants of the Yarra Valley are creations unto themselves. With local produce of exceptional freshness and savour, the Chefs of Oakridge Wines, TarraWarra and Levantine Hill have a world of flavours to play with. Their plates are full of alchemy, and their ‘theatre’ of dining is unforgettable. Add the finely crafted selection of their estate wines and you have a symphony of dining pleasure.

When the annual Good Food Guide is released these three dining institutions are perpetually Hatted – and 2020 is no exception. Here are three extraordinary Yarra Valley Hatted restaurant experiences to enjoy. Reservations are highly recommended

Oakridge Wines

Oakridge’s sublime hatted Restaurant showcases the best Yarra Valley produce. Inspired by their surroundings, Co-Executive Chef’s Matt Stone and Jo Barrett share the philosophy of sustainable and hyperlocal cooking, and construct their innovative, seasonal menu around the thriving ingredients in the vibrant Oakridge Kitchen garden that provides the majority of the fresh produce that appears on the Oakridge restaurant menus, as well as wild produce they discover on foraging excursions around the region.

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Tarrawarra Estate

Born and bred in the Yarra Valley, Head Chef Mark Ebbels champions seasonal and local produce and lets the quarter-acre on-site garden inspire his ever-changing menu. TarraWarra’s strong desire to reduce its waste and environmental footprint is strongly aligned with Mark’s values and cooking vision, while maximising taste and presentation. Complementing wines that champion the region’s cool climate, Ebbels’ menu reflects the ethos that ‘whatever is growing is what’s going’ – with each plate a reflection of the produce from which it is made. The garden represents the soul of the kitchen and Ebbels and his team wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Ezard at Levantine Hill

Meticulously crafted food perfectly matched to cellar wines – that’s how Levantine Hill has earned it’s unmistakable reputation for excellence and been awarded a Chefs Hat again and again. Ezard at Levantine Hill restaurant and cellar door is an exciting collaboration with iconic chef, Teage Ezard, and Executive Chef Luke Headon. Teage Ezard has taken his famed gourmet experience outside the city limits to offer the Yarra Valley a remarkable gastronomic experience. Sophisticated degustation in the signature dining room, or All Day Dining for views across the vines. Parking for helicopters included!

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