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The eight food wonders of the Warburton Valley

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24 May 2021

The eight food wonders of the Warburton Valley–because 7 isn’t enough

Here is our handpicked selection of unique Warburton delicacies you won’t find anywhere else. Sample, stock up and enjoy our eight food wonders while you are here!

  1. Gladysdale Bakehouse has a galactic reputation for the best pies on the planet. Name a taste combination and they’ve mastered it. Pies that seriously satisfy that yearning you’ve had for a great pie for years. Challenge your old belief that they don’t make pies like they used to – now you know where to go for pie heaven. (And if it’s pies for first course, you will definitely need a scrumptious vanilla slice for dessert – don’t worry it’s close to the rail trail so you can walk it off.)
  2. The Flying Apron Patisserie in Wesburn. Did someone say pastries? This lovely little tucked away patisserie is easy to miss if you don’t have insider knowledge! With everything handmade on the premises, you’re in for a treat (or two or three) with to-die-for cannoli, profiteroles, so-good sausage rolls, tarts, almond get the idea. Great selection of raw and vegan treats too – healthy options that taste too good to be true.
  3. Threads of Saffron’s Moroccan Moreish – this delectable condiment was created, and is lovingly made, in Warburton. Famous for its addictive qualities, it’s a flavour pop that will have you inventing more and more ways to eat it. (Although straight from the jar is highly recommended!)Available from the Waterwheel Handmade and only the best local food stores.
  4. Little Joe – This is pizza. Full stop. You will never forget your first Little Joe pizza fresh from the wood fired oven and featuring local and ‘only the best’ ingredients. Check the specials board for delectable tapas-style yumminess–the chef is a genius with flavour–and don’t forget a house specialty: THE lemon curd donut. Main Street Warburton.
  5. Brumfield cider – We really shouldn’t tell you about this cider because we want to keep it all for ourselves but if you’re looking for a cider that sings then Brumfield is worth a try. Pick up a bottle or a six pack at the Warburton Summer Produce Market on Fridays. (Brumfield also do awesome bread and wine so there’s all the food groups covered right there!)
  6. Strawberry Springs Strawberry Farm in Millgrove have the juiciest most delicious strawberries you’ve ever tasted. Picked fresh daily you will taste what a real strawberry is all about – they are ‘juices down your chin’ bursts of sweetness.
  7. Tonantzin Artisan Aztec Chocolates – made locally with raw and organic ingredients, this range of deliciousness is chocolate as its meant to be. Another reason to visit the Warburton Summer Produce Market or treat yourself next time you are at Village Greens, Yarra Junction.
  8. There are many yummy confectionary treats at the Warburton Candy Emporium, some from all over the world, but the one we like the best is the very local ‘Warburton Wombat Poo’. You might be surprised just how good it is!

Bonus – not quite a food item but smells good enough to eat–we love Warburton Wellbeing’s Indian Summer body lotion. This unique and fragrant blend is made in right here in Warburton. Pick up a bottle from the shop on the main street and take something home that will remind you of your Warburton Valley stay!