Cogbikecafe workshop

Your ebike adventure through Warburton


We tee up with Cog Bike Cafe as we jump on an e-bike to explore the landscape surrounding Warburton.

Welcome to Warburton, where everywhere you turn has stunning picturesque views, lush gardens and a lifestyle that invites year-round visitors. From walking the Warburton Rainforest Gallery to snowball fights on Mt Donna Buang, the region offers endless outdoor activities.

Warburton’s natural beauty, surrounding hills and unique cycle paths, including the Lilydale Warburton trail, makes this region famous for visiting cyclists. With such a broad selection of rainforest trails and hills to tackle, enthusiast can be found cycling every day of the week. For those eager to explore, but think their skill level (or fitness) isn’t up to date, look no further as Warburton's Cog Bike Cafe offers bike hire for electronically assisted bicycles (ebike). Explore the region with ease and in style.

So what are you waiting for? Put those bike pants on, head up to Warburton and grab yourself an ebike from Cog as we venture through undiscovered trails, elegant forest and stunning lookouts.


Cog Bike Cafe is hard to miss, situated next to the iconic waterwheel visitor centre just off the Warburton Highway. Experience the friendly staff, cycling collectables, delicious menu (we recommend the Big Cog Breakfast along with their speciality coffee) and meet Doug, the man behind the bike shop and bike hire.

Cog Bike Cafe has a selection of bikes to hire including mountain bikes, fat bikes or choose an ebike so all members of the family can join in. The ebike we selected was a Trek Conduit+ which carries 3 functions depending on what skill level you’re at; eco, normal and high. With the function set to eco we were able to get 120km of pedal assisted power, which means you could easily be on the bike all day! Our 1.5hr journey started from Cog Bike Cafe, venturing along the O’Shannassy Aqueduct loop.


Winding our way through the forest surrounding Warburton, we discovered why the Warbie locals are proud to call Warburton home. From tall mountain ash trees to breathtaking views, discovering the rich history of this beautiful region, an ebike adventure really does say it all.

Weaving our way along the old Aqueduct path, we were greeted with multiple openings which offer stunning views of Warburton. “It’s just going to get better and better”, my guide reminded me as we crept from one opening to the next. After half a dozen climbs we found ourselves in an exposed field which was known as Dee Road Lookout. The view was stunning, a picture-perfect vista. After taking it all in we descended down Dee Road and followed the Yarra River, crossing an old wooden bridge, making our way back onto the Lilydale Warburton trail. From there we travelled along a gravel track, with a quick alpaca pitstop, before finishing up at Cog Bike Cafe.


The three main courses are ideal for any group, family or couple wanting to explore the region by ebike. Courses include the Aqueduct to Don Road extended loop, Lilydale Warburton trail and O'Shannassy Aqueduct Loop. The pedal assisted ebike handled really well and conquered any steep slope and decent with ease. Usability of the ebike can be best compared to a light walk (as we didn’t even break a sweat). For those wanting to tackle Warburton we highly recommend hiring an ebike through Cog Bike Cafe!