Best Parma & Schnity Thursday Nights!

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Are you on a mission to find the Best Parma? Great news, this Dandenong Ranges Pub just won the best parma award!
The AHA (Australian Hotels Association) recently awarded Clemo's local Paradise Valley Hotel for their golden and cheesy creation.
With a combo of the chicken/ ham/ cheese and sauce. The Paradise Valley Hotel is more affectionately known as The Clemo by locals; this pub takes a traditionalist approach to the parma.

You'll find this pub—and their glorious-award-winning-chicken-parmigiana, a little under an hour's drive from town, and you best believe it's worth the trip.

When they take out the mantle for the best parma in Victoria, make sure you book in to reserve your spot.
Plan your visit today, cluck the booking button and bawk in your visit .

Best Parma & Schnity $20 Thursday Nights (in the front bar)!