ILBIJERRI Theatre Company’s 'Heart is a Wasteland'


In a performance which will showcase First Peoples storytelling through the lens of live music and whiskey fuelled battle egos, ILBIJERRI Theatre Company’s 'Heart is a Wasteland' is simply a show not to be missed.

Written by John Harvey and directed by Rachael Maza, this performance will take audiences on a journey through Australia’s heartland on a road-trip love story which will explore fondness, hurt, unspoken truths and history. It is a visionary ode to this country’s heart, recognising everyone’s individual right to love.

'Heart is a Wasteland' follows protagonist Raye (Monica Karo), a passionate singer-songwriter on a tour of the outback, aiming to raise money for herself and her son, Elvis. Her passion for music is distinct and tangible as she is overflowing with talent and her music touches the lives of those around her despite being unable to gain the praise and recognition she deserves.

'Heart is a Wasteland' is produced by the award-winning ILBIJERRI Theatre Company, Australia’s longest-running First Nations theatre company celebrating 30 years in 2021. Presenting audiences with empathy and honesty, their projects empower and enlighten viewers, provoke discussion and bring marginalised voices to the forefront of the national agenda. This performance of 'Heart is a Wasteland' is no exception and will present viewers with a captivating and culturally relevant night of sheer entertainment.

September 2021

  • Thursday 23rd