Louise Foletta In the Moment Exhibition


Louise Foletta has had a long association with the Murrindindi Shire, as her family has owned and farmed a property at Buxton since the 1930s. She conducted popular and well-attended summer art workshops on their farm between 1975 and 2003, as well as weekend landscape painting workshops, using the area’s scenic and rural resources. She has exhibited in many private galleries in the district.

Following Louise’s university studies in art, she taught at secondary level before and after her extensive overseas travel through Australia, Southeast Asia, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Europe and North America. While living in Boston, she attended master classes with Kaji Aso at the Museum of Fine Arts School. Over the next five decades, working mainly in watercolour, she has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows at private and public galleries throughout Victoria. She has also been invited to exhibit in international watercolour exhibitions in China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, France and Canada.

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