Tokiki & Sumi-e: Alistair White and Junko Azukawa

An exhibition of Ceramics & Paintings reflecting Japanese aesthetics by master potter Alistair Whyte and expert calligrapher Junko Azukawa. During the exhibition visitors will have the opportunity to watch the ritual of Chado,(Japanese Tea ceremony performed by Ritsuko (Chado Urasenke Tankokai Melbourne), Calligraphy workshops and live performance.

The artists embrace the hard won skills over many years to perfect their craft. Behind each piece is a philosophy, a process and ritual. What seems like a simple tea bowl or a stroke of ink on rice paper, has taken time, practice and hard work to perfect. The work transmutes an essence of the long history and traditions from Japanese culture, yet each use these skills to make their own unique and beautiful work.

Alistair has collaborated with Junko, Ted Secome and Koji Hoashi to decorate some his teas bowls, giving them an additional element of interest.

July 2022

  • Thursday 28th
  • Friday 29th
  • Saturday 30th
  • Sunday 31st

August 2022

  • Monday 1st
  • Tuesday 2nd
  • Wednesday 3rd
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  • Disabled access available, contact operator for details.
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