Backstairs track

Backstairs Track Little Joe Loop Tramway

Backstairs Track used to link Old Warburton to the ‘new’ Warburton, the steps long ago worn down by packhorses. Walk or run up Mt Little Joe, the 469m mini-mountain that stands proudly to the south-west of town, between Warburton and Millgrove.

Track starts on gravel, then moves into bush tracks with very steep ascents. High fitness level required.

12km5 hoursReturn5

Start: Warburton Waterwheel
Finish: Warburton Waterwheel
GPS Start: Lat: -37.753810 | Long: 145.689656
GPS Finish: Lat: -37.753810 | Long: 145.689656
Max Elevation: 469m
Melways: 290 B4
Dogs Allowed: No

Flora: Mountain Ash, Myrtle Beech, Sassafras, Hazel Pomaderris

Fauna: Leadbeater’s Possum, Pink Robin,Yellow- Tailed Black Cockatoo, Crimson Rosella,Wingless Stone y

Facilities: Car parking, toilets (+accessible) available at Warburton Waterwheel