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Additional Marketing Opportunities

Access our additional partner marketing opportunities to connect with our highly engaged, ready-to-travel audience in a way that suits now. Talk to us and, together, we'll help build a bespoke campaign designed specifically for your needs.

Buy a Marketing Package and save!

To make it easier for you to get the complete marketing package, we have curated the following offers


1 x Social Ad ($200 RRP)

1 x organic Social Post ($150 RRP)

1 x Event Listing to consumer database ($200 RRP)

1 x Instagram story set ($100 RRP)

Save $150 RRP!


2 x Social Ad ($400 RRP)

1 x organic Social Post ($150 RRP)

1 x Solus eDM ($800 RRP)

1 x Instagram story set ($100 RRP)

Save $450 RRP!


Social Ad ($700 RRP)

2 x organic Social Post ($300 RRP)

1 x Solus eDM ($800 RRP)

2 x Instagram story set ($200 RRP)

$1 x Solus Blog ($500 RRP)

Save $500 RRP!

Email Marketing

Our consumer emails are sent to over 21,000 audience members for your tourism business or event. We have three options available:

eDM Feature: $200

Jump on board our monthly consumer e-newsletter with a feature. This is perfect for upcoming events or new services that you would like our audience to be aware of.

  • You will need to supply a professional image, 60-100 word summer and a url.
  • There are only 2 spots available per email.

Due date: Last Monday of the month for inclusion in the following month's eDM. All submissions will need to go through an approval process.

Solus eDM: $800

Have a whole email to yourself* to focus on your event or offerings. Links can be directed to your own website as well.

  • 700 word limit
  • 3 x photos
  • 1 x url

*Yarra Ranges Tourism will have full creativity control on the email.

Top Trail eDM: $150

Get involved in our top trail campaign emails. These campaigns are strategically positioned within our audiences and allow your business or event to capture some of the traction steered by one of our four top trail campaigns.

  • 60 to 100 words
  • 1 x image

Social Media

We have a combined audience of over 100,000 (and growing!) across our socials. We have a dedicated social media manager and engagement co-ordinator on our channels 24/7 to ensure the audience remains inspired and engaged with our region.

The following are additional to what is included in your partnership.

Organic Social Media Post: $150

This is posted in one of our peak periods and strategically written with a tourism angle by our team. Quality content is a must to ensure this travels as far as possible.

Paid ads - speak to us about budgets required.

Tap into our large social media audience and opt for a paid ad dispersal. Brief required.

Instagram Stories: $100

3 to 4 slides dedicated to your business or event on @yarravalleydandenongranges instagram with 1 x swipe-up link direct to url

Blog Posts

We have dedicated a lot of effort into our SEO and blog content and, in most cases, will be found as one of the top listings through an online search.

Event Blog Listing: $200

There will only be 10 spots (max) sold on our special event blogs. These will be listicles, e.g. 'Top Ten Places to Visit this Easter' or 'Places to Watch the Footy Grand Final in the Yarra Valley'.

Schedule to be released in new financial year.

6-week lead time, blog is removed after the date of the special event.

Solus Blog Post: $500

(6 per year)

Highlight your event or business with a blog post curated by our team dedicated to you. This blog post can have direct urls to your website.

Images and brief to be supplied to YRT (1 per annum per business, 2 months in advance). 12 month expiry.

Special Interest Blog: $150


These are fun! Think 'Top Instagrammable Gardens' or 'Places you have to stay this Winter'.

This is responsive activity that will be done in an ad hoc fashion - due to the nature of these trends and also support our mid-week always-on marketing.

Quarterly Competitions: $1,000

Competitions are a great way to get your business or service out to the public. YRT has allocated 1 x competition per quarter/season that will increase awareness through our socials, database, ads and website.

YRT will disperse the competition, handle the terms and conditions as well as draw the winner.

Partner to provide a prize to the value of at $500 to $1,000.