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Advertising - Digital Visitor Information Kiosks

YRT Screens 28 copy 2small

Use Your Outside Voice - Digital Billboard Advertising

The Digital Visitor Information Kiosk network has been established by Yarra Ranges Tourism as an Australian first in touch screen technology to attract visitors to do more and see more when in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges. They provide a high-impact and engaging visual format to strengthen your brand, product, business or event. Download our information fact sheet here.

What You Get

Distribution across 27 different high-traffic visitor locations in streetscape and business locations that experience some of the highest patronage of venues across the region.
Your advertisement will be on screen for 15 seconds and rotate through every 90 seconds.

Eyes You Reach

Awareness - 310,000 people per month are within an 80-metre line of sight of the digital billboard

Consideration - 115,000 people per month are within 10-metres of the digital billboards

Conversion - 14,000 touch interactions with the Information Kiosk who stay longer than 5 minutes

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The Investment

$1500 per month per advertisement + GST
Artwork is to be supplied 1080 x 1920 pixels and 150 dpi to design@yarrarangestourism.com.au. All Screens also support video content, and some also broadcast sound. Advertisements will go live upon payment of the invoice.
Yarra Ranges Tourism can also create your artwork call 8739 8000 to discuss your needs.

The Network

Your Advertisement will feature across these locations