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Partnership Terms and Conditions

Yarra Ranges Tourism is proud to promote the quality products and services of its paid Partners to visitors. To ensure the highest level of visitor satisfaction, Yarra Ranges Tourism has put in place a set of Terms and Conditions to help our Partners make sure INDUSTRY STANDARDS IN BUSINESS OPERATION are met. Following these Terms and Conditions helps protect both Partners and Yarra Ranges Tourism alike.

2.1 Partnership eligibility

• Partnership is open to businesses servicing the visitor economy.

• The business must operate within the notional geographic boundaries of the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges tourism region. Tourism Businesses outside these areas shall be considered on merit.

• Associations-Membership of another tourism association does not entitle the Association’s members to individual Yarra Ranges Tourism Partnership rights.

• Partnership is subject to review and acceptance by Yarra Ranges Tourism.

• All Partners must abide by Yarra Ranges Tourism these Terms and Conditions. Breaches may result in suspension of Partnership and associated benefits. Partners have the right to address the Management Executive should a breach be alleged against them. Partners will undertake to notify Yarra Ranges Tourism immediately if any of the above applicable certificates, permits, licences etc are cancelled, expire or otherwise become inoperative during their Partnership with Yarra Ranges Tourism.

2.2 Current licences and insurances

Yarra Ranges Tourism Partners shall;

• hold all required licences, permits, approvals and authorities to operate their business, all of which must be current and up to date.

• hold public liability insurance for at least $10 million cover.

• comply with all legal obligations, including adherence to Local, State and Federal statutory obligations.

2.3 Transport operators Yarra Ranges Tourism Partners shall;

• ensure vehicles are maintained regularly to meet Australian safety standards and licensing requirements.

2.4 Responsible service of alcohol

Yarra Ranges Tourism Partners who serve alcohol to the public shall;

• ensure all applicable licensing is current and all responsible service of alcohol requirements are complied with.

2.5 Food safety requirements

Yarra Ranges Tourism Partners who serve food to the public shall;

• comply with the applicable local government areas Food Safety Management Policies.

2.6 Events and functions

Yarra Ranges Tourism Partners who run events shall;

• comply with the applicable local government areas and seek relevant permits.

2.7 Signage

Yarra Ranges Tourism Partners shall;

• comply with the applicable local government areas signage policy.

2.8 Risk management

Yarra Ranges Tourism Partners shall;

• ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

• fulfil accident and emergency reporting requirements.

• ensure there is a risk management strategy in place incorporating a bushfire management plan.

• advise Yarra Ranges Tourism of changes in risk levels eg. temporary closures due to an incident.

2.9 Financial responsibilities

Yarra Ranges Tourism Partners shall understand that;

• each Partnership will be designated one debtor account for financial purposes.

• all invoices/payments will be issued by Yarra Ranges Tourism Ltd for goods and services sold in the form of Partnership Packages and any additional marketing activities including printed collateral and digital advertising.

• prompt payment is required for Yarra Ranges Tourism Partnership/projects, in accordance with Yarra Ranges Tourism payment terms of 14 days or by special arrangement.

• the existence of outstanding accounts may mean exclusion or suspension from participation in future projects, and may lead to a review of Partnership status.

• Yarra Ranges Tourism reserves the right to seek remuneration through legal processes for outstanding accounts.

2.10 Website details

Yarra Ranges Tourism Partners shall understand that;

• Yarra Ranges Tourism Partners are entitled to ONE website listing on www.visityarravalley.com.au/ www. visitdandenongranges.com.au

(additional website listings will be offered for a supplementary cost at the discretion of Yarra Ranges Tourism).

• It is the responsibility of the Partner to update and maintain their content on their business listing on the website by creating a listing on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). Information published on the website(s) must be true, accurate and current.

• A business must be a Partner to receive other subsidised benefits / marketing services such as maps and rate card advertising.

• Partners are required to ensure details and prices listed are honoured.

2.11 Website images

Yarra Ranges Tourism Partners shall understand that;

• images form a large component of the website(s) and assist with the sale of tourism product. To keep the integrity of this site, it is the responsibility of the Partner to submit images that are relevant and correctly represent the business on their business listing. Images must have the explicit permission of any individuals feature in said image.

• business listings that do not contain images will still be published, however a generic logo will be displayed until such time as images are submitted.

2.12 Partners web

Yarra Ranges Tourism Partners shall understand that;

• Industry websites contains a wealth of information pertinent to the operation of a tourism business in

the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges tourism region.

• Partners who have a relevant/useful product, offer or service for the benefit of Yarra Ranges Tourism Partners can submit these for inclusion on industry website. Items are subject to approval by Yarra Ranges Tourism.

2.13 Information dissemination

Yarra Ranges Tourism Partners shall understand that;

• The Yarra Ranges Tourism Partnership database is the property of Yarra Ranges Tourism. Partners who wish to communicate with other Partners can do so by submitting items for the Partners Web or Industry eNewsletters by the notified deadlines.

• Publication of information submitted for newsletters is done so on th basis if it is true and accurate at the time of distribution.

2.14 General maintenance guidelines for tourism operators

These guidelines apply to any operator hosting visitors, and are suggested as minimum standards of service delivery.