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International Program

Suited to Tourism Partners seeking to tap into overseas markets by working with the inbound Travel Trade.

This exposure to international travellers via their trusted source of inbound travel agents can lead to more bookings midweek and off season through promotion of your business on a global scale.

Participating in this program enables you to

  • Be represented by Yarra Ranges Tourism and Go Beyond Melbourne at trade shows conducted by Tourism Australia, Visit Victoria and Australian Tourism Export Council.
  • Tap into ready-made network of wholesalers, inbound tour operators and online travel agents
  • Marketing material prepared and distributed by Yarra Ranges Tourism and Go Beyond Melbourne including: website, trade manual, themed itineraries and trip planner

Being featured in the Go Beyond Melbourne Touring Route can significantly benefit your business by providing increased exposure, reaching a targeted audience, enhancing credibility, creating networking opportunities, generating positive word-of-mouth marketing, and expanding your online and social media presence.

To participate in this program, your business needs to be "international -ready”

  • You are prepared to work with inbound tour operators?
  • Have a price structure that can support agent commission?
  • Your product and service is attractive to international visitation?

Go Beyond Melbourne Touring Route

As an international traveler, it's essential to showcase your business as one of the featured attractions in the Go Beyond Melbourne Touring Route for these reasons:

  1. Increased Exposure: By being part of this popular touring route, your business will gain significant exposure to a wide range of international travellers. It allows you to tap into a larger audience who are actively seeking unique and memorable experiences during their visit to Melbourne and beyond.
  2. Targeted Audience: The Go Beyond Melbourne Touring Route attracts travelers who are interested in exploring the diverse landscapes and cultural offerings of Victoria. By aligning your business with this route, you can reach a specific target audience that is already interested in discovering the hidden gems and attractions beyond the city.
  3. Enhanced Credibility: Being featured as one of the attractions in a curated touring route enhances your business's credibility and reputation. Travelers often rely on established itineraries and recommendations when planning their trips. Being part of an official touring route adds a level of trust and credibility, making international travelers more likely to choose your business.
  4. B2B Networking Opportunities: Participating in the Go Beyond Melbourne Touring Route allows you to connect with other businesses and attractions in the region. This networking opportunity can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and cross-promotions, further boosting your visibility among international travelers.
  5. Word-of-Mouth Marketing: International travelers often share their experiences with friends, family, and through online platforms. Being part of a renowned touring route increases the likelihood of positive word-of-mouth marketing. Travelers who have had a great experience at your business are more likely to recommend it to others, thereby expanding your reach and attracting more international visitors.
  6. Online and Social Media Presence: The Go Beyond Melbourne Touring Route typically has an online presence and active social media channels. By being featured, your business will gain exposure through these platforms, reaching a wider audience of international travelers who follow and engage with the route's content. This exposure can lead to increased website traffic, social media followers, and ultimately more bookings.

Join the program

International Program


To discuss participation in the program, please contact Sally Coyle via sally@yarrarangestourism.com.au