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Avoiding Fraud

Avoid Fraud: A Case Study

Business is tough enough at the moment without being hit by credit card fraud, as Ralph from Yarra Gables was recently.

Here is some advice for accommodation providers on how to reduce credit card fraud and catch the criminals:

- Make a copy of guests' ID such as a Drivers Licence

- If someone calls to say their credit card has been hacked and charged at your business, immediately call 000 as this is an emergency

- If the police arrive before the guests leave, they will take the criminals into custody

- Check your business and personal credit card statements daily and look for unexpected transactions

- If you see an unexpected transaction, contact your bank and whoever charged you immediately. Quick action means the police have a better chance of catching the criminals before they commit further fraud.

Click here to read Ralph's full story.

It is also harder to guarantee a bond payment for accommodation providers as the only guarantee for a bond is to get cash or put a charge on the guest's card whilst they are in front of you and ensure they sign.

Banks strongly advise the only way you can safeguard and guarantee funds on any transaction is if you:

- Get guests to sign the payment slip on arrival

- Get the guest to sign either a hard copy or an online check-in portal such as Guest Joy, in which they tick a box to confirm they are staying and then sign

- Have recording security cameras that will confirm if a guest was in fact on your property for the stay in question. Recordings should be kept for a minimum of 3 months.