Follow the Tree Fern Gully Trail from the town of Marysville to reach one of Victoria's tallest waterfalls, Steavenson Falls, and to enjoy a close-up view of forest regeneration.

The gravel formed track is 3.4 kilometres (1-1.5 hours) each way from Marysville to Steavenson Falls with gentle hills, crossing over Yellow Dog Road and following alongside the Steavenson River.

You can take your dog anywhere along the walk except the last section to the falls . If you don't want to go all the way up because you are walking the dog, turn right at Yellow Dog Road, and then follow the track across from Falls Rd which will take you back to town.

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Tree Fern Gully Track
Marysville, 3779, Australia
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Tree Fern Gully Track, Marysville, 3779, Australia