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Ann Creber's - Rose Petal Vinegar


by Ann Creber


Makes about 2 cups

  • 1 cup really fragrant red or deep pink full-blown roses (must be fragrant!)
  • 2 cups of quality white wine vinegar (MUST be a wine vinegar)


  1. Remove the petals, discard stems etc. Place the petals into a wide-mouthed glass jar, pour on the vinegar and lightly stir into the petals.
  2. Cover the jar loosely with muslin or nylon, and place on a warm windowsill. Stir lightly every couple of days.
  3. When the colour seeps from the petals into the vinegar and the fragrance are intoxicatingly beautiful, strain the vinegar through muslin. Decant into pretty little bottles and use it as your own cooking label - a perfect gift to any friend.

The whole process should only take about a couple of weeks in warm weather.

It is delicious sprinkled onto lightly sugared summer berries or fruit salads. One Yarra Valley winery restaurant used it to serve with oysters and other seafood.

Note* I usually enjoy my roses in a vase for a couple of days before using them (this also gives any little crawlies time to move on).

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