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Half-day walks in nature you may not have discovered yet

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Think you’ve just about completed all the half-day walks available in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges? We’re very happy to tell you there are more!

Here are five walks you can tackle this weekend!

1. Four Brothers Rock Scenic Walk – Dandenong Ranges ­– 14km – 4 hours

Starting from Mortimer Picnic Ground the Four Brothers Rocks hike follows the old Hacket Track to the Four Brothers Rocks, a collection of large, granite rocks offering sweeping views across the park.

2. Warramate Hills – Yarra Valley – 10kms – 3.5 hours

Excellent views across the many wineries in Coldstream. Base of the hills contains small creeks, shady paths and wombat activities Easy walk along 4WD tracks with one short, somewhat steep ascent on grass up to the summit ridge.

3. Silver Creek Falls – Kinglake – 13.5 km – 4 hours

A scenic, vehicle management track with some steep bits. Reasonable fitness level required.

4. Woolybutt Loop – Lake Mountain – 14.3 – 5 hours

This walk is designed as an all day walk with plenty of resting places for picnics and views along the way. Well maintained trails with some steep parts. Reasonable fitness level required.

5. North Jawbone Circuit – Marysville – 10 kms – 4.5 hours

Follow the first 2.4km of the Cathedral Northern Circuit, cross the creek and then climb up the steep Cathedral’s eastern slope. There is also a rocky staircase. Rock scrambling required on parts of the track. Reasonable fitness level required.

Want more?

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