The trail starts on the Warburton Rail Trail behind the Waterwheel, crossing over an old railway bridge and onto a boardwalk. Take left track to reach Dolly Grey Park, where there is a small waterfall and picnic area.

2.5kms 50 mins One Way 2

Start: Warburton Waterwheel
Finish: Dolly Grey Park
GPS Start: Lat: -37.753810 | Long: 145.689656
GPS Finish: Lat: -37.755951 | Long: 145.680274
Max Elevation: 469m
Melways: 290 B4
Dogs Allowed: Yes

Flora: Mountain Ash, Myrtle Beech, Sassafras, Hazel Pomaderris

Fauna: Leadbeater’s Possum, Pink Robin,Yellow- Tailed Black Cockatoo, Crimson Rosella,Wingless Stone y

Facilities: Car parking, toilets (+accessible) available at Warburton Waterwheel. Picnic tables at Dolly Grey Park


3400 Warburton Highway, Australia
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