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EatWell Christmas with Emma Dean in the Yarra Valley


We were so happy to have EatWell Christmas with Emma Dean visit the Yarra Valley in 2022. This Christmas forget 'perfect'. Don’t buy into the hype of a flawless Christmas day. There’s no such thing. Forget trying to create the perfect day with the perfect table setting and the perfectly cooked Michelin star feast. Life doesn’t work like that and that’s a good thing. There’s magic in the moments of chaos. There’s mess in the madness. A half-peeled prawn shoots across the room and lands in uncle Bill’s drink, dear old great granny loses her teeth yet again, the champagne cork hits the roof, the pine nuts burn, the cheesecake doesn’t set … but guess what? That’s a real Christmas. An authentic Aussie hoot. A true cracker of a Chrissie.

Enjoy the celebrations!

Highlights of EatWell Christmas with Emma Dean

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