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Signature Series: TarraWarra Estate’s Raw Beef Rump Cap

Signature Series

The Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges offer a vast range of award-winning wines and cocktails, quality multicultural dishes, restaurants and cafes showcasing local produce and culinary talent, creating the food we love to eat.

If you’re dining in our region, take the time to discover these incredible signature dishes and the unique stories behind what makes them some of the best bites and bevs!

Already well-known for their exceptional Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and several other single-block heritage varietals and estate blends, TarraWarra Estate has had a long history of producing quality food and wines. Their hatted restaurant is a must-visit in the region, and for great reason.

In the kitchen, head chef Joel Alderdice started his career as an apprentice at TarraWarra Estate before spending a decade honing his craft at some of Victoria’s finest restaurants. He’s returned to TarraWarra, bringing with him a pretty spectacular signature dish.

Joel's menu celebrates local suppliers and quality produce, creating vibrant, fresh, and, most importantly, delicious dishes.

The Signature Dish

Raw beef rump cap with beetroot, tarragon, bearnaise flavours and fried potato.

“The dish is my version of a steak tartare,” says Joel. “Instead of the classic flavours, the dish idea is like steak frites with béarnaise.”

The dish, he says, consists of beef, shallot, chives, tarragon, cornichon and beetroot that has been roasted, diced and dried for a day. “We then rehydrate the beets in beetroot juice and balsamic glaze. The beets are chewy and have the same texture as a rump cap. We then top the mix with caramelised brown butter solids and diced cured egg yolk. Then on the very top of the dish is fried spiralised potato, seasoned with vinegar powder and dried tarragon, the flavours of bearnaise,” he explains.

It’s a must-try paired with wine straight from the TarraWarra cellars.
Dine in and try it yourself.

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