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Signature Series: The Stables at Stones of the Yarra Valley’s Dry Aged Great Ocean Duck

Signature Series

The Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges offer a huge range of award-winning wines and cocktails, quality multicultural dishes, restaurants and cafes showcasing local produce and culinary talent, creating the food we love to eat.

If you’re dining in our region, take the time to discover these incredible signature dishes and the unique stories behind what makes them some of the best bites and bevs.

As the name suggests, the historic Stables at Stones of the Yarra Valley were originally used back in the 1800s by the stable hands of St.Huberts winery as sleeping quarters and blacksmith rooms. Today, The Stables at Stones is now one of the region's most celebrated restaurants under the guidance of head chef Sam Eng.

Starting his career graduating with a bachelor in digital animation, Sam leapt into the culinary arts, and anyone who dines at The Stables will be grateful for it.

The Signature Dish

Dry aged Great Ocean Duck, burnt leek, rye, pangrattato, kumquat

“Great Ocean Ducks are one of the best free-range ducks in town and we're privileged to be working with farmers who care about their produce,” says Sam. “The dish is seasonal, and we're currently celebrating the colder months and winter produce. Recently our kitchen team took a trip to Great Ocean Ducks and we were inspired by the visit to the farm by representing the animal, the land and the food. The dish is well balanced with sweetness from winter oranges, sourness from the kumquats, fattiness from the duck, earthiness from the leeks and the richness from the duck jus.”

Want to try it for yourself? It’s available on the four-course dinner menu within The Stables at Stones.

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