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How Yarra Ranges Council is Working Towards a Greener Future

Sustainability Series

With its beautiful natural surroundings of towering forests, beautiful parks and gardens and rolling vineyards, Yarra Ranges Council has invested in a variety of programs to keep sustainability top of mind for businesses and visitors alike.

Over the past four years, the council has endorsed a Liveable Climate Plan which outlines specific initiatives to support the local community as well as local businesses.

Some of these initiatives include a target for net zero emissions by 2040 with 60% reduction (from 2020) by 2025 and zero operational spending on energy. They also aim to be 100% renewable by 2030.

The plan promotes investment in creating and maintaining living landscapes through collaboration with traditional owners and financially supports and encourages residents and businesses to transition to renewable energy and lower carbon alternatives and more.

Currently, Yarra Ranges Council’s Sustainability Team has many projects underway including installing rooftop solar panels on council and community buildings, upgrading community facilities to withstand the pressures of climate change and ensure they can be used as community hubs and gathering points following a power outage. They’re also encouraging businesses and residents alike to switch to renewable energy and transform stormwater for fit-for-purpose use in irrigation and public toilets.

They also actively protect our local and loved platypus from increased stormwater flows with community help through catchment-scale rainwater tanks.

As part of their Sustainable Business Program, businesses such as Healesville’s Four Pillars Distillery are committing to eco-friendly practices and ensuring their business and your visit leaves a minimal environmental footprint.

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Four Pillars Distillery - Healesville

Yarra Ranges Council offers local businesses free advice and recommends suppliers to undergo water-saving measures and energy-saving features such as installing solar panels and more. Interested businesses can learn more about this program here.

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