- Drive to Warburton – either bring your own bicycles or rent from Doug at the COG Bike Cafe right next to the old Warburton Station site.

- Ride from Warburton township to the Yuonga Rd car park on the O’Shannassy Aqueduct Trail. You will find this at the northern end of Yuonga Rd, Warburton. This involves a short steep climb, but it is not far even if you have to walk a little. The resultant ride makes it all worth it.

- From the car park, ride the trail west for 7km through the beautiful pristine mountain ash and tree-fern forest (plenty of magnificent spots for a picnic), pass through the Dee Rd car park area, follow the Aqueduct Trail signs to cross Dee Rd and ride another 6km on the Trail to the Don Rd crossing. You will recognise this, as the aqueduct runs into a big concrete entry basin, and the Trail ends in a steep gravel ramp (200m) on your left down to Don Rd. Dismount here and walk down the exit ramp to the road. Take care on this little section.

Note that the Aqueduct Trail follows the abandoned aqueduct, so is essentially flat along its length – actually history tells us it has a fall of ‘two feet per mile’ (approximately 40 centimetres per kilometre) – wonderful family riding.

- Turn left onto Don Rd and ride the 4km to meet the Warburton Highway at the Home Hotel, Launching Place. A great place for lunch http://www.thehomehotel.com/ Ph: 03 5967 3303

- Carefully cross the highway (there are pedestrian lights at the Trail crossing), join the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail behind the hotel, go to your left and follow the Trail for 12km back to Warburton through Yarra Junction, Wesburn and Millgrove.

- To see a fascinating history of the O’Shannassy Aqueduct go to the following link– http://oshannassyaqueduct.weeb... .

- Always research your ride so that you are sure the ride suits your skills.


Trail-side cafes:

•Morrison’s Cafe, Mt Evelyn Station site, Mt. Evelyn

•Penny Olive Bakery, Mt Evelyn - at the Warburton Trail crossing of the Monbulk Rd

•The Carriage Cafe, a few hundred meters west of the Seville station site

•Home Hotel, Launching Place

•Amanda’s Cafe, Ranges Café, Yarra Junction township

•Millgrove Bakery and Millgrove General Store, Millgrove village

•COG Bike Cafe, at the Warburton Station site, adjacent to the Warburton township

A little further off-trail you will find a range of cafes, restaurants and hotels in the various towns and villages along the way.

For bike hire, sales and repair:

Ride Time Yarra Valley, 108 MAIN Rd Lilydale

•COG Bike Cafe, Trail-side, Warburton Station site (Thursday-Sunday)

For tourist information and details of local rides:

•Waterwheel Visitor Information Centre, 3400 Warburton highway, Warburton – call 03 5966 9600

*Ride difficulty:

We have indicated a level of difficulty for each ride based upon the following ratings

1. Basic cycling fitness required. Could ride flat or gently undulating surface for 1 – 2 hours

2. Moderate fitness required. Could ride some hills and a duration of over 2 hours

3. More advanced fitness level required. Could ride long distances and climb hills over extended periods

4. High levels of fitness required. Competition-level fitness, can maintain constant high-level output, well developed muscular and cardiovascular ability

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