La La Falls Trail

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Walk or run the scenic La La Falls trail!


TrailLa La Falls
TypeOut and Back
Grade (if available)Easy
Trailscore Technical: Green 9/45
Trailscore General: Green 2/10
Start25 Iruka Road
Finish25 Iruka Road
Distance3.2 km (return)
Ascent200 m
Descent200 m
Max Elevation480 m
FeaturesLush forest, pretty creek, stone bridges, manna gums, mountain grey gums, waterfall
FacilitiesToilets: Warburton township
Car parking: 25 Irruka Road
NotesBest completed in autumn or winter, especially after rainfall when there is maximum flow over the falls


The run to La La Falls may not be very long but the consistent up hill gradient offers some vertical gain without being overwhelming and the forest is absolutely stunning.

As soon as you step on the singletrack you are sheltered underneath a thick green canopy. Birdsong chimes between the trees and small critters scratch through the leaf letter. The trail runs beside the gurgling Four Mile Creek, darting across it a couple of times via some very cute stone bridges. Don’t get hypnotised by your surroundings though as some sections are reasonably steep and after rain footing can ben made tricky by mud.

The Falls themselves are serene and are best visited after a rainfall when the flow down the rocky slabs is highest, giving them maximum impact. At the top take a moment to contemplate the fact that this beautiful walk has been enchanting and delighting visitors since the 1880s, and it will continue to do so for a long time to come.


  1. The trailhead is but a short distance from the heart of Warburton, located at 25 Irruka Rd. From town follow the signs from Park Rd along Old Warburton Rd, to the start of the trail at a small, sign posted car park.
  2. Strap on your running shoes in the car park and dart into the forest up the obvious singletrack marked for La La Falls Walk.
  3. You can’t get lost (except for getting lost in wonder), just stay on the well-worn trail. Flora and fauna that you may see includes snow daisy bush, musk daisy bush, blanket-leaf, bootlace bush, silver wattle and hazel pomaderris, mountain grey gum, mountain ash and manna gum.
  4. It’s only 1.6km up to the Falls but it is uphill all the way so you should be feeling it in your calves when you arrive. Make sure you take advantage of the contemplative seat at the base of the falls, take in the sounds and the sights of the forest, stretch out your quads and your hip flexors.
  5. What goes up must come down, so when you’re done taking in the tranquillity, pin your ears back for the all-downhill dash back to the car park, though be sure to remain mindful of other trail users.
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