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O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail

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Carved into the mountainside above the Upper Yarra Valley, the O’Shannassy Aqueduct trail is a 30-kilometre walking and bike-riding trail from East Warburton to Don Valley in the Upper Yarra Valley.

The trail runs parallel with the Warburton Rail Trail, however, the O’Shannassy Trail is set into the mountain ranges, providing a different perspective.

Surrounded by tall trees, and ferns, the trail follows a historic and now-disused open water race, allowing for spectacular views of the Yarra Valley. As the trail follows the Aqueduct, the track is on a gentle grade, so it is perfect for people of all levels of fitness.

The easiest way to access the trail is from the Dee Road carpark in Millgrove. This also provides a beautiful view of the valley. There are many opportunities to step on and off the trail, allowing for shorter walks.

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