This single track mountain bike loop packs a punch for experienced riders looking for up and down action. The trail started life as a clandestine local’s secret but it has since been certified by DELWP and you can still feel its under-the-radar birth as it has a bit of a grassroots, rough-and-ready vibe.

Jumping off from the Old Warburton Rd, riders get a good leg burn on the 2.5km of challengingly-cambered switchbacks and 220m of ascent – which should be enough to blow out the cobwebs. From here you get to sink your clenched teeth into the 1.6km descent. Take care as there are jumps and obstacles aplenty to keep you on your toes, most of which offer more conservative B-lines. If in doubt scout an obstacle before you tackle it.

This technical singletrack is not to be underestimated but it is super fun if you’ve got strong legs, sharp reflexes and solid skills.

Find Us

Old Warburton Rd
Warburton , <br>Wesburn,3799
Driving Directions


Old Warburton Rd, Warburton, Australia


TrailHey Hey My My – Mind Crusher
ActivityMountain Bike
Grade (if available)Difficult
StartCnr Old Warburton Rd & Crushers Track
FinishCnr Old Warburton Rd & Crushers Track
Distance4.1 km
Ascent230 m
Descent227 m
Max Elevation401 m
FeaturesTechnical single track, steep hill climb with numerous switchbacks, challenging descent, jumps and obstacles, native bushland
FacilitiesToilets: located at Wesburn Football oval (500m)
Car parking: there is room for a few cars at the intersection of Old Warburton Rd and Crushers Track
NotesBest completed in summer and shoulder seasons; muddy, slippery and difficult going in winter

Ride it

  1. Easiest access is via Warburton Hwy. Turn from it into Old Warburton Rd.
  2. Follow Old Warburton Rd for about 1km after which you will reach a turn off to the right, this is Crushers Track.
  3. If you are driving there is a small space (enough for three or four cars) at the intersection here.
  4. Take Crushers Track then very shortly afterwards a track to your left is marked with a Hey Hey My My mountain bike sign. This is your in point.
  5. Once you are on Hey Hey My My, you can’t get lost, just huff and puff and pedal your way up the 2.5km, 220m ascent. Some of the gradients on the corners should bring out the best in you.
  6. The highpoint of the climb is at a turnaround just before reaching Mineshaft Hill Track. Gather your breath and your wits then turn right onto Mind Crusher – this is the 1.6km, 180m descent back to Crushers Track. Stay alert for jumps, bumps and stumps.
  7. Once at the bottom give yourself a pat on the back, top effort. The only thing left to do is check your splits against the Strava segments and decide if you’ve got the legs for another lap.