The Sherbrooke Falls Loop walk meanders through a forest containing the tallest flowering hardwood in the world, the Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans) with an understorey of a variety of fern species. The Sherbrooke area provides habitat for the Suburb Lyrebird, which can often be seen or heard within the forest. The falls are most inspiring after rain when the Sherbrooke Creek cascades over rocky outcrops. The walk can begin and end at either the Sherbrooke Picnic Ground or O'Donohue Picnic Grounds, located on Sherbrooke Lodge Road.

The Mountain Ash forests provide the perfect habitat for local wildlife such as wombats, swamp wallabies, ring-tailed and brush-tailed possums. Tree creepers, small birds that cling to the side of trees looking for a meal of grubs and insects can be seen foraging amongst the tree trunks. The beautiful and elusive blue-winged parrot has also been sighted in the Sherbrooke Forest.

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Odonohue Track, Sherbrooke, 3789, Australia