Chocolate fudge dessert dandenongranges

Ann Creber's - Chocolate Fudge Dessert


by Ann Creber


  • 250-gram butter (cubed)
  • 250-gram dark chocolate (broken)
  • 8 free-range eggs (separated)
  • 250-gram caster sugar
  • 250-gram ground almonds
  • Additional chocolate for coating
  • Toasted almond flakes


  1. Melt butter and chocolate in a basin over simmering water, stirring occasionally, then allow to cool.
  2. In another large basin beat together the egg yolks and caster sugar until pale and creamy. Lightly mix the ground almonds, then stir in the cooled-down butter/chocolate mixture.
  3. Beat egg whites until very stiff, thoroughly fold in chocolate mixture gently.
  4. Butter and line the base of a 23-25 cm springform tin, pour in the mixture, spreading evenly.
  5. Bake in a preheated 180-degree oven for 50-55 minutes or until the knife comes out clean from inserting into the cake. Remember not to overcook.
  6. Cool, then coat the surface lightly with the melted chocolate and sprinkle lavishly with toasted almond flakes.

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