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Ann Creber's - Mocha Pots


by Ann Creber

Hello All

I was browsing through some old food magazines with features of recipes and
photos I had styled. When I saw this one I realised that violets were in
bloom again, so I thought we would share it. We used some very pretty
antique coffee cups for the photo.

Happy cooking!


MOCHA POTS Serves 4 in small coffee cups

75gr plain chocolate
30gr butter
1 TB instant coffee powder
3 free range eggs, separated
1 TB chocolate or coffee liqueur

For garnish: Whipped cream, sugar frosted violets

Break the chocolate into a basin, add the butter and coffee and place the
basin over gently bubbling hot water. Stir occasionally as the chocolate

Beat in the egg yolks until mixture is smooth. Remove from heat and stir in
liqueur. Whisk the egg whites* until stiff, fold into the mixture, gently
but thoroughly.

Spoon into four decorative coffee cups or pretty little glasses. Chill.

Decorate each with a rosette of cream and a sugar-frosted violet.

*I do know some people have reservations about using uncooked
egg white. However, I think one is safe using organic free range eggs.