Beautiful native havens for garden party guests

See & Do

There are some guests that deserve an open invitation to your garden any time of the day, any time of the year. And the secret to making them feel welcome? It could be as simple as choosing lots of gorgeous native Australian plants for your green paradise or bountiful balcony.

The best guests fly in for your ‘party’ and bring a hum to the day. You’ve probably already got this – we’re talking about the birds and the bees!

Happy healthy gardens need the help of these super pollinators and will fill your garden space with the morning sounds of birdsong and the warming hum of bees, while also keeping pests at bay and dispersing seeds. What a perfect exchange!


Attracting native birds is as easy as planting out some native trees and shrubs they love. A suburban garden could host more than 40 varieties of birds over the year! Pop these easy-to-find beauties on your plant shopping list:

  • Grevilleas (multiple varieties), banksias, kangaroo paws, Callistemons, proteas, waratah or bottlebrushes are perfect. And there are many more.

TOP TIP – Red and yellow flowers are the most attractive to birds. Choose plants that flower at different times of the year for all year coverage.

Bees love pollen and nectar and all the native plants listed above that attract birds also attract bees – bonus!

  • Also try flowering gums, native rosemary, tea tree, eucalypt and hakeas.

TOP TIP – Fruit trees, some veggies and herbs (especially lavender) also attract bees. Cluster plant out your garden so it’s easy for the bees to forage. There’s no reason why you can’t create an edible forest abundant with plants you can eat that are also good for bees!

Low growing plants and grasses provide plenty of habitat for birds and ground dwelling animals and a thriving environment for insects – creating a biodiversity loop where every element of your garden contributes to the next. Avoid pesticides and herbicides for the best results – attracting nectar loving birds and insect eating birds provides natural balance.

  • Try Kangaroo grass, Wallaby grass and common tussock grass

TOP TIP – Birds need water too so place a few flat bowls of fresh water around your garden too. A bird bath is ideal but make sure it’s elevated so birds feel safe.

Natives are perfectly suited to our environment (of course) and will be hardy and easy to keep. Many are water savers, and will bring lush goodness to your garden with minimal effort.

And you’re not just planting a few shrubs – you’re creating a whole mini world you can step into and enjoy. Gardening has a proven advantage for stress relief and the benefits of time in nature for wellbeing are well known. And you’ve created a beautiful haven for a garden party with all your favourites.

There are some fabulous nurseries in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges that specialise in native plants. Happy spring gardening.

Alowyn Gardens – Home to an abundant nursery of native and many other plants and gorgeous gardens for design inspo..

Karwarra Australian Plants – A well-stocked plant nursery specialising in Australian plants.

Kuranga Native Nursery – Largest range of native plants in Australia.

Warran Glen Garden Centre Cafe – Native and indigenous plants with a water-wise focus – paradise found!

Yarra Valley Edible Forest – Plants to grow and eat! Herbaceous, savoury, medicinal. Eat well from your back door.

These nurseries are happy to chat to you over the phone and offer online ordering and home delivery.