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Staycations in the Yarra Valley

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Holiday here this year! There are so many ways to stay in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges. While we might feel a little grounded (not too many places to fly at the moment), now is the perfect time to explore a little closer to home.

Discover the hidden gems just around the corner, veer off the beaten track, or settle into a ‘second’ home. New experiences, new places, new ways to soak up nature, enjoy the best food and wine and savour life are right here – regardless of your budget!

There’s more than 120 unique accommodation options to explore.



You love a little history and charm and the feels of a classic yet contemporary setting that offers luxury and indulgence. And breakfast…It’s the best meal of the day – especially with local produce such as Yarra Valley Dairy Cheese, Buxton Trout, local artisan bread and just laid eggs.


Service to your door, loads of amenities and clean fresh styling are your thing and the ‘stars’ matter. You appreciate the little extras such as gorgeous restaurants onsite and the crispest linen. Luxury with views of the valley and surrounds that are priceless.


Relaxing getaways in a home-away-from-home. Guest houses are often found on secluded properties offering the ultimate in privacy and amenities. Great ways for extended families to holiday together. Choose something grander than your own home and live large. Plus resident kangaroo populations to watch at dusk and rosellas to sing to you in the morning.


There’s nothing you like more than greeting the day with a view of the vines. Your appreciation of the red, the white and the sparkling means the closer you are to the action the better – this is as hyperlocal as it gets. You appreciate the finest things in life and being transported to a ‘new place’ – France, Italy, the Yarra Valley – that’s how you roll.


Hitch the van, pack the tent, or walk into a glamping pod or cabin that’s already set up and waiting for you. Family holidays are all about the fun of travelling somewhere new, making new friends, splash parks and massive playgrounds. The kids are self entertaining, the mums and dads are BBQing and the pace of life is perfectly relaxed. If you’re after an easy, fuss-free holiday, camping and caravanning in the Yarra Valley will tick every box on list. Travellers seeking community already know how easy it is to make lifelong friends! Get local.