Great Steps of Warburton

The great steps of Warburton

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'The Great Steps' represents a vision for Warburton to be known as beautiful, artful and edible. It connects vital aspects of community life – the Rail Trail, skate park, community gardens, Visitor Information Centre and the village green and is a must see on your visit.

‘Manmade things should be as pretty as nature.’ Sioux Dollman, March 2014

Interesting Facts About ‘The Great Steps of Warburton’

• The mosaic spans over 26 steps, each more than 5 metres in width

• More than 20,000 tiles have bee used, and the design covers almost 20 square metres

• The project took more than a month to complete

• A secret ‘inspiring’ message is hidden to be ‘discovered’ in the design

• More than 300 community members contributed to the mosaic including local primary, secondary and VCAL students, groups from U3A, local traders, councillors and members of the public

• The mosaic is permanent and will provide inspiration and an aesthetic to Warburton for generations to come

• ‘The Great Steps of Warburton’ is a unique tourist attraction in the region and the only one of its kind Australia wide.