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Winter fruits aplenty at Rayner's Orchard

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Winter fruits are a little burst of sunshine in winter time. Rayner's Orchard has plenty to offer during the cooler months. In fact, they have at least 8 varieties of fruit every day of the year.

You can pick kiwi fruit and tamarillos until the end of September and there are also plenty of lemons, quince and other citrus. One of the ugliest frutis is also picking now. It's called a Dutch Medlar but has a great taste like cooked apple. Yum!

Did you know that now is the time to plant fruit trees? Bare rooted trees are available including a good range of double grafted varieties. Their advanced trees might even provide fruit this coming season.

The nursery is full of garden treasures. Here are Len's top tips:

  • Not much room in your garden? How about a columnar apple? These crop heavily and take up very little space.
  • Want to grow apples but don't want to spray??? Try the new “Crimson Crisp” and “Pixi Crunch” apples are resistant to black spot and extremely good eating.
  • If you are looking for plums there is a variety called “Flavour Supreme” that is very tasty, and cross pollinates with Mariposa plum.
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If you are planning ahead then mid August to mid September is an especially pretty time on the farm as it is blossom time.

Rayners run Blossom tours around the farm during this time – either on their own – or complimentary if added onto fruit tasting tours. If you enjoy the sight of blossoms en masse, come and see our peach, plum, apricot and nectarine trees at their prettiest!

Winter is alive at Rayners Orchard!

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