Introducing Warburton Valley CEDA

Warburton Valley CEDA (Community Economic Development Association) Inc, formerly Warburton & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry, is a not-for-profit organisation focused on the economic interests of the communities in the Warburton Valley.

The region represents a 60-kilometre journey from Lilydale to the Upper Yarra Dam and includes towns such as Wandin, Seville, Woori Yallock, Launching Place, Yarra Junction, Warburton and surrounds.

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The CEDA Charter

  • To provide a unified voice for Warburton Valley.
  • To enhance the tourism potential of the region.
  • To unite businesses and community-based organisations along the Warburton Highway and foster a sense of collaboration and self-reliance that is sustainable and supports thriving local economies.
  • To advocate to any appropriate authority and facilitate community involvement in the continued development, maintenance and use of the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail.
  • To help secure regional funding.


'To promote sustainable economic development that enriches the lives of those who live in or have a close connection to the Warburton Valley and rely on its prosperity.'

Community Economic Development

Community Economic Development (CED) encourages enterprise, using local resources in a way that enhances economic opportunities while improving social conditions in a sustainable way. Or put simply, economic development driven by the major stakeholder – the community.

Key achievements

  • Acknowledgement at Local, State and Federal government levels as an effective and collective voice representing the region.
  • Successful working relationship with Yarra Ranges Tourism.
  • Received multi-million dollar investment commitments from political parties for significant regional development projects.
  • Established an identity and built awareness of CEDA’s mission and activities among traders and business operators throughout the Warburton Valley.
  • Successful ongoing operation of the Waterwheel complex, providing services to more than 45,000 visitors per annum. Growth in associated business units including Handmade retail, Art Gallery and environmental education.
  • As a result of CEDA’s advocacy Warburton Valley is fast becoming a key destination for cycling, sporting and recreational tourism, including the Warburton Mountain Bike Hub.
  • Successfully lobbied for action from Council on several matters of concern to traders.
  • Developed a monthly newsletter, and targeted communications with members.
  • Have grown our Visit Warburton Facebook page, Instagram and website traffic significantly with expondential growth year to year.

Key activities

The Waterwheel precinct includes the Warburton Visitor Information Centre (VIC), the Waterwheel Gallery, the Environment Discovery Centre and the Handmade retail outlet. The VIC, manned by volunteers who live in the area, is a vital point of connection for visitors to the Warburton Valley.

Warburton Valley CEDA is actively involved in a range of projects and events including: Warburton Film Festival – annual event, Annual Easter Fundraiser at Warburton Caravan Park, the Christmas Street Party, the Warburton Railway Station Murals, and many local festivals including the River Folk Festival.

The CEDA Committee

Warburton Valley CEDA committee members belong to the local community. All committee positions are voluntary and members represent a diverse range of interests, businesses and aptitudes, all of which contribute to a dynamic and innovative team that includes:

President: Anna Tehan

Treasurer: Dale Feim (Dalcorp Accounting)

Secretary: Monica Blanchfield (Bulong Estate)

Vice President: Alison Fitzgerald (Yarra Ranges Enterprise Centre)

Christine Birch (Oscars on the Yarra)
Jacqui Harvey (Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods)
Lindy Schneider (Lindy Schneider - Writer)
Cleo Silva (Silva Coffee Roasters)
Danielle Warham (Cog Bike and Brew)


Faced with the challenge to both expand and promote membership in a Warburton-based business group to new members on the Warburton Highway, the Committee of Warburton & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry determined to relook at the organisation’s purpose, its area of influence and its name. Importantly, our unique region needed a collective voice to represent the entire Warburton Valley in discussions related to regional tourism, economic and community development.

As the most established and successful business group in the region, the Warburton Chamber was well placed to adopt a leadership position and embrace businesses and community groups along the Warburton highway to further establish a collective voice that could promote regional success. Warburton Valley CEDA is the result (pronounced seeder).

Warburton Valley CEDA has quickly gained momentum by establishing partnerships and increasing membership from 75 Chamber members to over 163 CEDA members, individuals and friends of CEDA (as at January 2020). Participation by as great a cross section of the community as possible is intended to ensure inclusiveness and consultation.

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Please contact, Lindy Schneider on info@warburtonvalley.org or phone 0417 365 697.