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7 Walks in Warburton

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All walks commence and are measured and timed from the Warburton Visitor Information Centre (The Water Wheel), except for Walk 3 (Melways 290 B4). Times include return trip. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear and carry water.

Dolly Grey Park

2.5km | 1.5 hours | Easy

This walk can be shortened to less than 1km by parking at the beginning of the Backstairs Track (Melways 289 K5).

Follow the Warburton Trail behind The Waterwheel heading westward towards Melbourne. Cross over the footbridge (old railway bridge), and take the track down to the road below, immediately left after crossing the bridge. (Melways 289 K5). Follow the boardwalk and along the track, keeping left. After several hundred metres, you will reach a junction where the Backstairs Track proceeds more steeply uphill to the right. Take left track to reach Dolly Grey Park, where there is a small waterfall and picnic area. The park is named after a miner who lived and worked in the area during the mining days. Note the authentic photograph on the signpost at the park.

Riverside Tracks

5.5km | 2 hours | Easy

Cross over to the other side of the main road. Walk down to the Yarra river behind the shops and follow the walking tracks that have been created along both banks of the Yarra River for the full length of the township from the Mayer Bridge opposite the Golf Club at the western (Melbourne) end of Warburton (Melways 289 J4) to the Signs Bridge (highway bridge) near the Warburton Caravan Park at the eastern end (Melways 290 D4) There are picnic spots, BBQs, toilets and river crossings at various locations.

La La Falls Warburton July 2012 1

La La Falls

3km | 1.5 hours | Easy

Commence at the La La Falls carpark (Melways 290 D7) and follow the foot track along Four Mile Creek to the Falls and return by the same route.

East Warburton/ Riverside Drive

9km | 3-4 hours | Medium

Cross over to the other side of the main road, walking right and cross over Brisbane Bridge on the left. Cross over the bridge and immediately turn right. Follow the riverside walking track through Chisholm Park past Bramich Bridge to the Redwood Bridge. Cross over the Redwood Bridge and continue along the riverside walking track towards Signs Bridge the (highway bridge) over the Yarra River heading towards the Caravan Park.

Exit the walking track at the boardwalk, cross the main road, and follow the course of the Yarra River through the Caravan Park to rejoin the walking track at its Eastern end. Continue along the riverside walking track towards Warburton East for about 1 km until it exits on Woods Point Road. Cross the road and follow the footpath beside the road for a further 1 km to reach a road bridge over the Yarra River at Warburton East. Cross along the bridge, then turn right into Riverside Drive (Melways 291 A10) and follow Riverside Drive back into Warburton. Return to the Water Wheel Centre via the Warburton Trail, noting the interesting house on the left near the Water Wheel. Giffords Road (Melways 290 J4) is an alternative route to a section of Riverside Drive.

Backstairs track

Backstairs Track

10km | 4 hours | Medium/Hard

Old Warburton Road – La La Falls – Riverside Track

Follow Walk 1 to the junction where the Backstairs Track rises steeply to the right. Proceed up the Backstairs Track to Old Warburton Road. Turn to the left and follow Old Warburton Road for about 3.5km to reach the La La Falls carpark (Melways 290 D7). Do Walk 3. Return to Warburton downhill on La La Avenue, turning right into Park Road, left onto the Highway, then back to the Water Wheel via the Warburton Trail as for Walk 4.

Warburton Trail – Mount Little Joe – Backstairs Track – Dolly Grey Park

10km | 4 hours | Medium/Hard

Start as for Walk 1. Instead of taking the path down to the road, continue from the railway bridge for a further 2km along the Warburton Trail to Millgrove, past the CFA building and toilet block, to the Warburton Highway. Cross the Highway and continue along the Warburton Trail for 500 metres to reach a private access road (Melways 289 B5). Turn left at the access road and reach the Highway after a short distance. Cross the Highway and proceed up the firebreak opposite, ignoring side tracks. The firebreak levels off after about 1km and, although not shown on the Melways, the track continues around the flank of Mount Little Joe to reach the top of the Backstairs Track (Melways 289 K7). Walk own the Backstairs Track, taking the right hand path at the track junction towards Dolly Grey Park, returning as for Walk 1.

Mt donna buang vertical climb

Mount Donna Buang

12 km | 7 hours | Strenuous – for fit and experienced bushwalkers only

Cross over to the other side of the main road. Walking left down to the Swing Bridge. Cross over the Swing Bridge and turn left, walking a few hundred metres to Martyr Road on the right. Walk up Martyr Road. The track to Mount Donna Buang starts at the top of Martyr Road. This is steep but easy to follow having been cleared. When the track reaches Mount Donna Buang Road, avoid the track opposite that leads to Mount Victoria.

Instead, turn to the left along Donna Buang Road to reach the Ten Mile Turntable (Melways 290 inset map) Walk up to Mount Donna Buang via the walking tracks shown on the inset map.

(Courtesy Warburton Advancement League Inc)
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