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REDWOOD FOREST - A place to care for

Up until two years ago, the Redwood Forest was a little-known stand of Californian Redwoods that was considered a secret and meditative destination among locals. As a National Trust heritage listed site, stepping into the forest was done with a sense of awe and respect.
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FAQ for snow play on Mt Donna Buang

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for snow play on Mt Donna Buang
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E is for enjoy when E-Biking in the Warburton Valley

There are many cycling trails in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges and a new breed of cycle – the eBike (electric bike) –is opening up new opportunities for people to explore the region on two wheels.
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Daily snow updates exclusive to Visit Warburton

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Closest snow to Melbourne – Mt Donna Buang Warburton

The closest snow to Melbourne can usually be found in Winter on the summit of Mt Donna Buang, near Warburton and just 70 km east of Melbourne.
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