Cherry hill Wandin Blossom 2004 004

The district of Wandin presents something of a puzzle to newcomers – the shopping centre on the Warburton Highway is at Wandin North, there are a church and a school at Wandin Yallock, and a hall and sports facilities at Wandin East, but no actual ‘Wandin’.

Wandin East is a local area and community that bonds together at local events in their town hall and through the many team sports they are known and respected for. The cricket oval, tennis and badminton club are all central parts of this area. Wandin East Reserve is home to the annual Wandin-Silvan Field Days (a major agricultural fair).

Just up the road from the Wandin East Reserve is Jay Berries, a family owned and operated U-Pick farm established in Wandin East in 1995. This area is set on fertile red soil and there are many fruit orchards in the town. Major crops include cherries, strawberries, raspberries, apples and more recently wine grapes. You'll find a bit of road side produce as people sell their surplus as well as fully functioning Farmgate experiences.

Did you know?

The name Wandin is a contraction of Wandin Yallock, meaning swift-running stream. This was fruit-growing country from a very early date and land sold quickly from the mid-1860s.

The township of Wandin Yalloak in the Yarra Valley was proclaimed in 1874. When Seville was proclaimed in 1885, Wandin Yalloak's name was changed to Redlands, but reverted in 1954 to Wandin Yallock, with the spelling changed from Yalloak to Yallock.